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Increase Conversions from Paid Traffic

Boost your Google Ads campaigns with landing pages

A compelling, targeted Google Ad might bring potential customers to your website, but it doesn’t guarantee that they’ll convert. The page someone lands on is just as important as the ad they clicked. Both Google and your potential customers favour high-quality, relevant landing pages.

If you’re paying for traffic to your website but not getting enough leads or new customers, then the problem may be your existing website or the lack of a properly designed landing page.

Paying for traffic from Google Ads is not a substitute for a poorly designed or managed website. You need to make sure your ads lead people to the best page possible, one that is designed to convert.

Mockup of elements on a Google Ads landing page

How landing pages change the game

In the modified Google Ads auction system, Google needs to decide which ads to show when a user searches on Google, their rank on the page, and whether any ads will show at all. When ranking your ads in this auction, Google will factor in the quality and relevance of your landing page.

If Google judges your landing page to be poor quality, you’ll pay a premium to get your ad showing and will struggle to compete in the auction. But if your landing page is high-quality and relevant, your costs will be lower and it’s more likely that your ad will show up instead of a competitor’s.

For potential customers, the logic of a targeted landing page is even clearer. If the page they land on after clicking an ad provides a great user experience and fits with what they were hoping to find, they are more likely to convert.

I can help transform your existing website content. And I can create highly-relevant Google Ads landing pages to gain more customers, generate conversions, reduce ad spend, and increase your profits.

Benefits of great landing pages

  • Well-crafted, relevant landing pages will convert more customers
  • Google Ads 'Quality Score' will improve, and your cost-per-click will decrease.
  • Consistent messaging means the landing page matches your ad copy and the search intent.
  • Pages that are user-friendly, accessible, and look great on all screen sizes (desktop/tablet/mobile) provide a superior user experience.
  • Faster page load times help to reduce bounce rates.
  • My landing page designs will increase your profits. Period.

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