Optimise your site for AdWords

Optimising your website can help your AdWords campaign!


Google AdWords is not a substitute for a poorly designed or managed website. In fact, optimising your website for visitors in general can actually help your AdWords campaigns!

When people click on your Ads, they click through to a specified page on your website, called a “landing page.” Apart from creating a bad user experience (i.e. making it hard for someone to find the information they were looking for, to navigate your website or complete a purchase, etc.), having a poorly designed landing page can negatively affect:

  • Your Ad ranking, i.e. the position in which your Ad appears on Google, making it less likely that a user will see and click on your Ad
  •  The cost-per-click (CPC), i.e. how much you pay when a user clicks your Ad, meaning your advertising spend increases
This is because, in the AdWords auction system, Google needs to decide which Ads to show when a user searches on Google — and this decision is made based on a ranking, partly determined by the quality and relevance of your landing page.

If your website isn’t optimised a snowball effect can result, where the “quality” of your Ad (as determined by Google) decreases, and your Ad continues to slip down the rankings until it doesn’t display at all!

What can be done about this?

In conjunction with your AdWords campaign, I can help optimise your website. (And if you already have someone who manages your website, I can consult with them, too.)

Website optimisation involves tweaking things on your site, like the words on your landing pages, the background data that search engines look for on your site (e.g. the “meta tags”), and the general design and content.

This will:

  • Help your landing pages better reflect your business
  • Make it easier for someone to navigate your site
  • Help Google relate your pages to your AdWords campaigns, which improves your AdWords effectiveness and keeps costs down!
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