Why Choose Me?

Your Google Ads Specialist

There are plenty of other Google Ads experts out there, so why should you choose me?

I’m laser-focused on the Google Ads platform, with a data-informed approach that provides outstanding results.  I offer a service that is tailored to the uniqueness of your business, and I’m committed to total transparency. These are the benefits that make working with me a great experience.

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An Independent Approach

As an independent consultant, I’m committed to offering a high standard of personal service:

  • I’ve developed a personal approach that works well for SMBs.
  • I’ll work closely with you and tailor my services to your needs and advertising budget.
  • I take on a select number of projects at a time, so that the campaigns I’m working on get the attention they deserve.
  • You have full ownership of everything, and everything (including costs) is fully transparent.
  • The results will speak for themselves. That’s why I operate on a no-contract basis.
  • You’ll be kept in the loop with detailed advice and updates via email and regular reports.

A Strategic Process

I follow a tailored process to Google Ads that consistently brings results:

  • Identify your online marketing objectives (and make sure they fit with what you do offline).
  • Research competitors and relevant keywords.
  • Create highly-targeted ad campaigns which bring customers to your website.
  • Adapt your existing website and/or build custom landing pages to maximise conversions from paid traffic.
  • Setup conversion tracking and Google Analytics to track your ad results, accurately measure ROI, gauge the effectiveness of the advertising, and further improve your website and campaigns.
  • Continually optimise and boost your campaigns, by running tests, iterating, and utilising data and insights.
David Peake Google Ads Specialist & Google Partner

I’m a Google Partner, and specialise in managing Google Ads campaigns.

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